I Need to Whine… About Sam Hunt?!?!

Can one honestly say anything bad about the incredible being known as Sam Hunt?
Obviously not. But I do feel the need to rant about 3 very specific, but not really Sam related, things.

  1. I am obviously blind, and must’ve missed it. Buuuut… Where is his fan club? I need to know! Meet & Greets, pre-sales, merchandise, access to all things Sam… It does not seem to exist. I sent an email asking if there was one. No response. I must know! It’s driving me nuts! Do you know? Please help!!!
  2. This ties into the above. Since he doesn’t have a fan club, I stalk visit his Facebook & Twitter. There was a post about being a volunteer to help sell merch. Obvs, being the Sam Hunt fan I am, I contacted immediately. Convinced my friend to, as well. Wrote an epic application. It’s been a couple weeks, and still no response for us. *sigh* My hopes of being a merch girl in Columbus, Ohio are starting to die… Don’t give us hope, and steal it away with no response! Not. Fair.
  3. Tying into both of the above. We need more Lipstick Graffati Tour dates! And we need one in Canada, and soon! I don’t just want to see him open for Lady A (which I obviously will), but I want a night of just Sam. Columbus is the closest to me, and that’s almost 5 hours. I’ve lost out on being a merch girl, and being in the fan club (how do I join!?!?!), at least do a show in Toronto! For me?!?!?

Now, Sam, I don’t blame you. But there are solutions for the above. If you want to discuss this further, you can contact me on Twitter, Instagram, or here.


Also, one more video, because Sam is just that amazing.



One thought on “I Need to Whine… About Sam Hunt?!?!

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